About Action Packed Media

Action Packed Media was founded in 2007, when media professionals Harry Rubenstein and Ben Jacobson were commissioned by the Programming Department at Viacom’s MTV Networks to form a manpower solution for a bundle of ongoing web services.

Since then, we’ve diversified considerably, launching our own family of web brands while serving a growing community of small business, non profit and enterprise clients based around the world.

At Action Packed Media, we provide a high level of service, transparency and value. We believe in finding the sweet spot where everyone wins – the general media consuming public, our clients and our own professional sustainability.

We first entered the world of the social web and inbound branding in the seminal early days of these industries’ existence, pivoting from backgrounds in entertainment journalism and advertising creative. We live and breathe branded storytelling, with this discipline informing everything we do, from community management to web design, from article copywriting to digital publicity.

Action Packed Media’s team members are located around the world. This affords us robust versatility, for flexible shift schedules and exceptionally fast turnaround times. And our account managers are consistently available for everything from disseminating clients’ latest instructions and short-term projects to coordinated and customized big-picture strategizing.

We operate primarily via IT Magazine LTD, our Jerusalem-based holding company, although we are also active as a proprietary partnership in metropolitan New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. We’re affordable, despite working exclusively with college-educated team members who have high levels of cultural literacy and Western backgrounds.

Harry Rubenstein

After immigrating from the United States in 1997, Harry Rubenstein volunteered for service in the IDF’s armored corp and then entered the Tel Aviv workforce on the cusp the first internet boom. Rubenstein cut his teeth as a content expert for Israel-based startups such as Rusure, NomadIQ and Virtual Communities.

He later moved on to print media at the Jerusalem Post as a pop music critic, entertainment reporter and travel writer, eventually rising to the position of Editor of the weekend entertainment supplement, where he spearheaded the publication’s first redesign in over ten years.

Harry has also a contributed to Encyclopaedia Judaica, where he authored entries on Jewish pop culture luminaries such as Gene Simmons, Peter Yarrow and Lou Reed.

Harry served as a media consultant for ISRAEL21c, a  Silicon Valley-based non-profit specializing in the dissemination of information relating to Israel’s contributions to world culture and technology, working with a New York PR firm to place stories on Israeli youth culture in publications including Rolling Stone and Teen Magazine. Working with Israel’s Foreign Ministry, he further organized a recent non-traditional media tour of Israel’s cultural life for prominent youth culture journalists from the United States.

Since teaming up with Ben Jacobson to found Action Packed Media, Harry has specialized in strategy for inbound marketing initiatives and production work flow management for various b2b web services.

Ben Jacobson


After completing his studies at Boston University’s College of Communications in 1999, Ben began splitting his time between the United States and Israel and quickly became involved in several professional directions in the realm of international media.

In the following few years, Ben served as the director of IT Magazine, an alternative press-style English-language monthly culture guide to Jerusalem, while pursuing freelance opportunities, executing promotional campaigns for the likes of The Jewish National Fund, The Third Ear, The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv, The Jerusalem Coca-Cola Distributors and Bar Ilan University.

In 2003, Ben began working at the Jerusalem Post, where he oversaw two redesigns of the weekend entertainment guide, serving as a layout designer while finding himself becoming increasingly involved with writing and editing content over the course of six years.

At the Post, Ben eventually became a key culture, travel and entertainment contributor, publishing interviews with prominent figures (Shmuley Boteach, Henry Rollins, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Ron Asheton of the Stooges), covering major international concert events (Nine Inch Nails, Leonard Cohen, Chris Cornell, Rufus Wainwright, Roger Waters, Erykah Badu, the Mars Volta), writing a weekly CD review column for three years, a weekly radio column for four years, a youth magazine interview column for two years and many feature articles.

Since teaming up with Harry Rubenstein to found Action Packed Media, Ben has specialized in project management for inbound marketing initiatives and account management for various b2b web services.

Ben also serves in the Israel Defense Forces’ reserves, in the IDF Spokesman’s social media department.

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