Mick Weinstein

Editorial, Covestor

I’ve collaborated on and off with Action Packed Media since 2006, when I first noticed the amazing content they were producing in a range of colorful voices. Ben and Harry’s commitment to quality, versatility and service has always separated them from the pack.

Over the years, we’ve worked together on a socially curated metro guide platform, an email marketing content service, and concepts for a conversation-driven news media project. These guys are highly skilled on brand storytelling and have their finger on the pulse of the web, with a knack for strong user engagement and a clear sense of the social media trends that matter.

Dean Levitt

Chief of Culture, Mad Mimi

When we had the idea of branching out into a premium managed service for the Mad Mimi community, we turned to Action Packed Media to run the pilot initiative on our behalf, taking care of project management and full service account management embedded with the Mad Mimi support team.

Ultimately, our clients were so happy with Action Packed Media’s work on their email marketing content and overall service that Mad Mimi Managed has spun off to become its own independent service, Managed for Mimi, operated by Action Packed Media but still fully integrated with Mad Mimi’s promo production tools and support team.

Action Packed Media’s commitment to quality content and service gels well with Mad Mimi’s culture, and I’m confident that our two teams will continue to grow and provide increasing levels of value together.

Yair Gaon

CEO, GuideU

As a publisher of travel guide apps for mobile devices, my organization’s strengths lie in the realms of product development, so it’s been crucial that we work with the right partner to handle our content, user experience quality assurance and marketing strategies. In this sense, Action Packed Media has been instrumental to our efforts of the past few years.

From fact checking to research, copy editing to back office management, copywriting to business model strategy consultations, this team has the chops and the thorough attention to detail to get the job done right. I have them to thank for being in the position to succeed that I find GuideU today.

Nicky Blackburn

Director, ISRAEL21c

Action Packed Media has been providing ISRAEL21c with content management, web development, project management and social media promotion services for over six years. Throughout this time they have provided us with consistently excellent service and have been very much a part of our development. The team has a deep understanding of our mission and goals, and has collaborated with us to help create ISRAEL21c’s strong brand voice.

In fact, the staff at Action Packed Media is such a valuable part of our ongoing operations that in many ways we view them as part of our in-house team. The company is extremely service-oriented and reliable. The staff will go out of their way to ensure that everything is running to maximum efficiency, anticipating problems before they happen.

They are also always encouraging us to take ISRAEL21c to greater media prominence with a number of creative tactics and ideas that have helped us streamline our site, broaden our social media marketing, and raise our traffic dramatically.
This is a company that will go above and beyond what you expect. I have nothing but the fullest praise for them.

Michael Weiss

CEO, GoJerusalem

I’ve been working with Action Packed Media since 2009, when we teamed up to build the authority tourism portal for the city of Jerusalem, today thriving as the GoJerusalem family of publications. The Action Packed Media team has been instrumental to the success of GoJerusalem, thanks to their high standards of content quality, overall internet knowhow and emphasis on service.

Working together has necessitated great versatility when it comes to juggling constantly evolving deadlines and priorities, and the Action Packed Media crew has consistently risen to this challenge and delivered. Over the years, we’ve retained them for services including project management, content management, ecommerce implementations, email marketing, promotional planning, social marketing and web development consulting.

Our collective output has not only served GoJerusalem well, but has also provided tremendous value to a wide variety of GoJerusalem clients, which have included cultural institutions, non profits, restaurants, hotels, governmental bodies and more.

Matt Rees

Best Selling Author

Action Packed Media is a highly personal operation — which is really important when I’m dealing with the often-faceless world of the web. They’re always responsive. They’re innovative thinkers who’re right up to speed with the latest developments in design and programming. They have a great sense for eye-catching design and terrific ideas for maximizing the reach of my site.

The site Action Packed Media designed for me provides me with an easy-to-use platform for the blog with which I stay in touch with my readers and showcase my books. APM came up with a look and feel for the site that matched the themes and tone of my books. I’m delighted to have their work introduce potential readers to my books.

Clark Hoover

CEO, Acacia Blue

Action Packed Media brings to the table a rare combination of technical expertise, design creativity and project management skills. They designed the website for Acacia Blue Asset Management in a timely fashion and went out of their way to get my input in the design and content. I will definitely use their services in the future and highly recommend them to anyone.

Jacob Shwirtz

Director of Social Viewing,
MTV Networks

MTV’s relationship with Action Packed Media began in 2007, when the Programming Department launched a series of high-profile proprietary social networks to serve as tie-ins with television programs.

These sites involved an enormous volume of user-generated content, and we retained Action Packed Media to manage the communities via a contract with partner organizations Moderation.Pro and Definitely Something LTD. This community management work entailed user engagement, blog post generation, customer service, user experience quality assurance, moderation as well as marketing and user outreach via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.

Action Packed Media’s 24/7 moderation coverage involved using back end tools to clear flagged item queues, warn and ban users, and search and destroy objectionable content – be it because of intellectual property infringement, incitement, drug use, spoilers from cast members, or whatever else. Each vertical operated with its own community standards and evolving legal considerations, and Action Packed Media steadfastly remained a versatile and coordinated team – in short, a clutch vendor.

Michael Eglash

CEO, AnyDate.com

I’m extremely satisfied with the value I’ve been enjoying by working with Action Packed Media. Their managers are extremely attentive and knowledgeable, and I’ve experienced an indisputable return on my investment in their services.

Within our first year of working together, the Action Packed Media team’s work on my ecommerce property has increased my conversion rates, increased my search rankings for targeted keywords and doubled my sales volume. We’re currently implementing Action Packed Media’s internet marketing plan for targeting relevant potential customers, and the results there have been more than satisfactory so far as well.

Shalom Stark

CEO, Shalom Israel Tours

We commissioned Action Packed Media to write content for our tourism website, we’ve been extremely satisfied with their service. The content produced is compelling, they deliver on time, communicate well, and largely thanks to Action Packed Media’s contributions our SEO rankings stay on top. Action Packed Media has my absolute recommendation.

Rosa Ziv

Director, Carmel Gifts

I hired Action Packed Media to drive traffic to my ecommerce site. From day one, every member of the team has demonstrated in-depth understanding of SEO – from the smallest nuances to the latest trends. In addition to the behind-the-scenes work, they have delivered newsletter campaigns and blog content above and beyond all of my expectations.

As if that weren’t enough, their respect for contracts and deadlines, their friendly, willing service, and their “always willing to help” attitude have made this a fantastic working experience. I have no doubt that I have put my trust in the team with the most skills and knowhow possible.