Management and generation of branded content

  • Brand voice blogging and anchor content writing and editing
  • Maintaining landing pages to keep user experience dynamic
  • Upgrading and optimizing content for voice, SEO, SMO and conversion optimization
  • Experience with a wide variety of content management systems

Management of extended network of brand presences on third-party social networking platforms

  • Updating flow of content and engagement
  • User interactions and outreach
  • Presence setup, ongoing profile enrichment, engagement and moderation
  • Experienced familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Ning and the blogosphere
  • Brand reputation monitoring

Proactive social marketing outreach, community management and “seeding” activity

  • User-to-user networking and transparent community activity
  • Mobilization of grassroots content sharing
  • Management of contests and timely promotions
  • Niche blogger-to-blogger outreach
  • Marketing strategies via Wikipedia
  • Moderation of user-driven content on clients’ proprietary social networking platforms
  • Versatile work force for minimized turnover times
  • Sensitivities towards nuanced needs of brands and user community subcultures
  • Pre-moderation, flagged queue moderation and proactive moderation
  • Interaction with offending users and meta-coordinated warning and banning

Search engine optimization

  • Full diagnostics, competition analysis and regular reporting
  • On-site infrastructure optimization
  • Off-site link building
  • Blogger outreach and digital publicity for relationship building

Technical infrastructure design and development

  • Consulting for pre-launch web-based product development
  • Website design, development and hosting
  • Brand blog design, setup and integration
  • SEO analysis
  • Facebook fan Page setup
  • Twitter feed setup
  • Pinterest branded board setup
  • YouTube branded profile setup
  • Google Places setup (for brick and mortar local businesses)
  • Google Shopping setup (for ecommerce businesses)
  • Amazon store setup (for ecommerce businesses)